Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chapter 6 - Arabesque

Hello hello! i owe myself a bunch of entries D: it's kind of blurry to remember what happened during week 6 .. but, i guess i know where i was during that week :) So here we go!
I did my blocking plus on week 6. I found that i tend to rush my shot, by that i meant spline my shot way too early. The reason of that is because i could not see the in between motion on stepped mode. So what i did was i splined my shot right away and i freaked myself out. The shot went crazy the movement was not in place, it was a total mess. I decided to switched back to stepped mode.
I learnt that if we switched to spline and the animation goes crazy, this means that you probably miss in-between poses or maybe your in-between poses might be not strong enough, and from this you might know that maybe you're not ready to spline your shot. However, this is of course depends on your workflow and i'm still learning myself :) so i'm not saying that this is the correct way to do your shot, just a thought :) So i filled those missing in between poses and ended up to have key on every single key frames. Uh Oh. o_o this does not look pretty. I definitely  have to work on this.
Here are the process of my shot:
Blocking from a week before:

 Adding more in between:


i couldnt remember what was the different between this and the one above.. D:


non-silhouette version:


 departed from blocking + .. say hello to first pass spline:

2 playblasts of the shot, one with still camera and one with moving camera:

As i moved to spline.. i also learn to treat my own shot as a footage not as an animation that i need to tweak.. i dont know if that make any sense or not.. but this certainly helped me out to spot the part that feels not right.. So I submit this for week 6's assignment :)


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