Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chapter 2.1 - The Pick List

It is class 2! Fall term has officially begun! I'm super excited for Class 2, time goes so fast! :D
So, back to the main focus.. our first task is to choose one out of 13 of very interesting choices from the Pick List 1. To make a choice, is indeed my weakest point. I always have a dilemma when people ask me to choose something. I could spend hours and days just thinking about it. Well, this time around, this side of me has to be changed :D as cheesy as it sounds, i just have to say it haha.. and ironically i'm still narrowing down the choices.. :| my main choice is Hopscotch, but i would like to make the option open until today's over.. i also did some research on YouTube, just to find out and clarify each options on the Pick List. Here are some links that I found, sorted according to the Pick List:








8 (i really like this one! :) ) (and this one as well :D )


10 (click heels at 2:01 2:08)





Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chapter 12 - what? it's week 12?!

Woot woot!? it's week 12! today term 1 has officially ended. It was closed by final q&a hosted by Jay :)
it goes so fast! .. too fast! people say time flies when you do something that you love :)
i'm so happy that we're all made it through class 1 and i'm so happy that i could meet a bunch of very friendly people all around the world! haha this is so cool ^^''
After 12 weeks, here is my first progress reel! shame that i have not finished my tailor revision :/ i'm going going to take some computer day off and will work on tailor before term 2 starts. Tailor is one of my favourite rig so far :) well folks, here we go:

Thank you very much to my mentor Scott Lemmer for all the awesome critiques and tips, also to all my classmates and everybody who helped me throughout the course. Thank you so much and i'll see you next term and all around campus :) !


Chapter 10 & 11 - Character Walk & Stu Poses

The last 2 weeks were so hard for me. I chose a shy walk for my character and lots of people interpreted it as down or sad walk. It was a tough one and i learnt that it is really, really hard to convey a subtle emotion, especially in a character that has no facial expression. This is a really a lesson for me :) During these last 2 weeks, i took many of video references. It was very helpful but I had a difficulty to transfer that poses on the video to my animation. Looking back at the process, i do know why i struggled in finding the correct poses. It was because I did not make a clear thumbnail on how the footworks and the body works. It was not just about taking a lot of video reference, but it is also observe how the body works. After I submitted the assignment, i kinda find out that by seeing our upper body as ballie's head would help. At first i just observed the hips area. It has a very subtle movement which make it so difficult to see what is really going on there.

However, i treated my last weeks as a special learning week. I tried a lot of workflows. I tried to do pose to pose, combine it with straight ahead animation, the process really taught me that in order to achieve one shoot, you couldn't really stick with only 1 workflow. It was an experiment! if it didn't suit or you're  not getting anything out of it, tried something else! don't be afraid to try many different workflows (as this was mentioned by my seniors yesterday during our AM gathering, yay gathering!). Practice makes perfects no? :)

Below are my works for the last 2 weeks :)

Let's start with Stu Poses:

Original and Revision:

Original and Revision

Original and Revision:

Click the images to view the larger version :)

Now the animations:

Vanilla Walk Revision

Character Walk Blocking

Character Walk