Thursday, November 24, 2011

Chapter 8.2 - P.U.S.H !

This week, there were couple of very pleasant distraction.. and i am still distracted..! i have a theory, if you have something that keeps coming back in your life, it might as well means something for you ^^ i never am a fan of regulations in my entire life, don't get me wrong though, this doesn't mean i love to raid a candy shop or do crimes ^^'' bottom line is that you are really in charge to write your own life story and nothing and/or nobody should stop you.. editing from other folks are necessary, but everything should come from your heart.
Uh well, back to the main reason why i am writing this entry, the blocking process of the PUSH shot. I will not say this is easy.. but i have to admit that all the lessons i got from the wind walk really help me out here. I struggled a lot to fit my shot into 250 frames..I exceeded 10 frames last week and i am still working on it now.. My mentor critiques really helps me to fix the problem. Below are the blocking and a revision I did for my rainstorm walk :

Push Blocking:



... let say, i am going to see Square Enix in a month? woot woot!? :D

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chapter 8.1 - Push! Push! Push!

So, this is our final pick list for this term... i pick push and/or pull a heavy object. The reason is simple.. I want to learn correctly about the body mechanics.. and i really want to get it done right! so for this one, i keep it simple. It took me quite awhile to take the video reference.. I came with several acting choice that ended p horribly.. I'm such a bad actor... really... really.. bad.. -o-! anyways.. here are my planning, which i did it quite differently this time, i'm giving myself an opportunity to learn 2D animation software.. it's not a good 2D animation, but i think it will help my shot :)

Video Reference + animatic in the end:

Animatic only:



Chapter 7.2 - Survived from The Storm .. o_o

Oh boy, the past 2 weeks was... superr stressful but Fun at the same time! My bum is kicked by this heavy rainstorm shot Literally. I regret nothing from choosing this one.. I learn a ton from this shot :D I'm not sure where i should start... all i could think is those spines are really killing me and im so grateful to finally have a chance to use stewie, and this week we're using stewie...(wait for it...) with Arms! :D I feel I learn a ton about overlap and drag, weight and force, ultimately the whole body mechanics in this shot.. Now it is not about moving one character from one to another point, not only creating a story, but this is really a combination of all of those. Below are the process of my shot and the polish i did yesterday, i still think it could be improved..

First pass refining

still have feet detaching from legs and pops .. sometimes hiding the head is very helpful, it gives a clear view of what's going on on the shoulder and upper spine area

still refining.. 

final pass refining...

polishing.. and still refining ...


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chapter 7.1 - The Third Pick List

The last Pick list for this term. What!? i cant believe it, time really flies O_O .. i feel like this term is going even faster than last term O,o! Here are the links, i hope this will help you to find some inspirations, any problem with it, just directly copy and paste the link on your browser :) :

Walk up a flight of stairs of different heights (couldnt find the one that exactly have different heights :p )


Balance while standing on a ball

Push/Pull a heavy object

Tug of war (zomg o,O)!!

Walk and trip going up a staircase (O_O!!)

Jump and backflip

Simple dance move


Caber toss

Handstand and Walk

Steep Spiral Staircase (robot version)

I think i will do simple dance move.. :)


update: I think i will not do the simple dance move.. my mentor mentioned that he would avoid this one.. which i think this is make a lot of sense cause this will not show the Force as much as the other pick lists topics.. so my new choices would be: balance while standing on a ball, push/pull heavy object, tug of war, walk up the stairs and trip, and walk up stairs of different heights. Narrowing down the list, now! :)


update: Down to 2 choices .. Push/Pull a heavy object and Walk and trip going up a staircase


update: Push/Pull a heavy object it is! :)

Chapter 6 - Oopsie Daisy

So last week.. was super tough.. my stress level was above the normal capacity. However, i learnt a lot of stuff last week, and really folks, watch lectures more than once if you could, watch it over and over again and absorb all the information like a sponge! After watching the lecture, i realize that there are couple of important things that I miss. During my planning, i focused on my characters back story, a lot. I wrote the whole story about his life, personality, where he lives, what happens, and how he handles the situation. This, however, is not enough! one important thing that I miss is I don't bring this characteristic, all of these information into Stewie. I didn't show how all of these will effect his movement. I find this very hard and this is the last week for this assignment, hopefully somehow i could still incorporate this idea, even though it's a little bit too late and i really have to listen to my mentor's critique.

So here is my first pass splining : 

This week lecture is super helpful too. It explains everything and one thing that I miss is Internal Force. This is like a hit on my head.. the external force is obviously massive - heavy rainstorm - but the internal force, the thinking, is lacking.. so .. im going to refine this shot! *pumped! :)