Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chapter 7.1 - The Third Pick List

The last Pick list for this term. What!? i cant believe it, time really flies O_O .. i feel like this term is going even faster than last term O,o! Here are the links, i hope this will help you to find some inspirations, any problem with it, just directly copy and paste the link on your browser :) :

Walk up a flight of stairs of different heights (couldnt find the one that exactly have different heights :p )


Balance while standing on a ball

Push/Pull a heavy object

Tug of war (zomg o,O)!!

Walk and trip going up a staircase (O_O!!)

Jump and backflip

Simple dance move


Caber toss

Handstand and Walk

Steep Spiral Staircase (robot version)

I think i will do simple dance move.. :)


update: I think i will not do the simple dance move.. my mentor mentioned that he would avoid this one.. which i think this is make a lot of sense cause this will not show the Force as much as the other pick lists topics.. so my new choices would be: balance while standing on a ball, push/pull heavy object, tug of war, walk up the stairs and trip, and walk up stairs of different heights. Narrowing down the list, now! :)


update: Down to 2 choices .. Push/Pull a heavy object and Walk and trip going up a staircase


update: Push/Pull a heavy object it is! :)

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