Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chapter 7.2 - Survived from The Storm .. o_o

Oh boy, the past 2 weeks was... superr stressful but Fun at the same time! My bum is kicked by this heavy rainstorm shot Literally. I regret nothing from choosing this one.. I learn a ton from this shot :D I'm not sure where i should start... all i could think is those spines are really killing me and im so grateful to finally have a chance to use stewie, and this week we're using stewie...(wait for it...) with Arms! :D I feel I learn a ton about overlap and drag, weight and force, ultimately the whole body mechanics in this shot.. Now it is not about moving one character from one to another point, not only creating a story, but this is really a combination of all of those. Below are the process of my shot and the polish i did yesterday, i still think it could be improved..

First pass refining

still have feet detaching from legs and pops .. sometimes hiding the head is very helpful, it gives a clear view of what's going on on the shoulder and upper spine area

still refining.. 

final pass refining...

polishing.. and still refining ...


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