Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chapter 10 - Dual

This week, I pretty much carry on with my shot and did a revision for my ballet shot. I need to trim my third shot so that it would fit the frame limit.. Last week I encountered constrain issues as well.. and i wonder when i'll finally go civil with constraints! :p but anyways, my friend helped me out to fix the constraint and explained some basic constraints settings! :) i'm very grateful for that and i really want to thank him! so thank you Vedanth! i usually don't mention name but this time around, it's a must, i have to credit him! :D
I decided to start my shot from the moment stewie looking around to fit the frame limit.. looking back at it.. it didnt look good at all D:! so many issues that need to be fixed! But anyway, here is the playblast from the past:

Vandalism shot followed by Revision of Ballet shot:


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