Saturday, March 10, 2012

Chapter 7 - Catalyst

On week 7,  I also did a new planning for my last class 3 shot (Whaaa...!?) it feels surreal.. i cant even say the magic word about this.. (hint: time _ _ _ _) ^^' .. My initial idea was to do something related with Japanese theme. I have always loved this country since forever.. I decided to do a shot about ninja and i'd add some parkour move or some ninja tricks. During my research, I discovered some stuff that changed my mind completely. I always want to make something unusual and i guess this part of me told my heart to find something else. I moved on to the next idea which was samurai. I carried on to do some research and at some point, i felt that the idea has somehow stopped inspiring me. I'm not saying that samurai is dull though, my favourite anime is about samurai :)
I went back to my sketchbook and started brainstorming again. Couple of weird ideas were born, there were spy, samurai, samurai spy (which i like a lot, i should try to develop this one :D ) and all of sudden there was a painter, grafitti.. there were a lot of ideas and they confused me a lot!
I certainly had to narrow down these ideas. Before I continue, this is one of my inspirations:

How awesome is that! i drew on my wall when i was a little, my parents thought i was crazy and i think they were upset cause i ruined my room's wallpaper :p (and it was just a drawing of a tiny hobbit door! D:) .. anyways, that guy inspires me a lot, i love his art work! i wish i could hire him to draw on my room's wall ^^'' .. back to the main topic.. So i was thinking to make a shot about someone do wall painting or do finishing touch on a painting or showcasing a hidden art work. However, each shot has its own problem. My first shot this term turned out soo difficult because of constraint problems. This time around I need to consider the tech problem before I locked in the idea.
So, my tip would be; consider what kind of problem or difficulties that possibly comes out when you bring your shot to computer. I believe this would be different for everyone, cause every single person has different software expertise. So really, be honest with yourself and think if these issues will possibly consume most or your time or not. However, we also should see the situation and the condition, ie; are we working in studio, personal project, school assignment.. but if we really, really, really want to do it, and we confident about it, then just do it! There is nothing to lose to try out something new, but we should also seek people's advices and suggestions at the same time! :)

Basically my idea was wall painting. The problem of this idea was most of the time the audience would see Stewie's back -_- .. there were lack of motion. One advice that came from one of my tutors back in uni is, 'if you dont have something on your art work, dont get confused, just add what you need.. If there is no motion, bring motion in that piece, if there is no dimension, make a dimension for that piece'. That was the simplest advice i have ever received but it was literally drilled into my brain and it just stay there. That's exactly what i did, i added motions to my planning and all of sudden this idea of a kid drawing over a painting in museum popped out.

The idea of vandalizing an art piece was locked in and i started planning the shot. This time around I planned out what i wanted to do before i shot video reference. Here are some sketches and my video references:

Video Reference & animatic :


and now .. off to blocking! wiii!


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