Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chapter 9 - Vandal

Week 9 was very special for me! i asked Bobby for some feedback on my ballet assignment on the previous week.. i was a little bit hesitant at first, but Bobby is very kind and his feedback helped me out a ton! So on that previous week, he told me that he'd like to use my shot for a demo showing overlapping action! I was super excited and i of course sent him my file! It was one awesome experience and the demo that he did was really an eye opening one! For the whole term my peer buddy always told me that there were lack of hand movement on my animation and Bobby pointed this out as well.. This is a very solid point and i wonder why i never really put animation on stewie's hand :| i couldn't answer that myself.. probably because i'm too focus on the main body and forget about the fingers.. Honestly, it was painful to animate the hand at later stage. I learn that when you are building poses.. hands are part of it as well.. so dont forget to pose hands too folks! :O

As for my assignment, my mentor gave a huge critique to fix my shot's staging! I still stay in stepped mode this week and did some changes.. there were really.. not much changes on my workflow.. i would say i didnt like my workflow for this shot.. and i feel it's a bit too late to change it.. so i carry on with it.. as indonesian says ... "nasi telah menjadi bubur...." which basically means: uh well.. it's a bit too late, i have to live with it.. .. well kind of like that.. D: .. geez it sounded as if i was giving up o_o! but no way, no i aint giving up! im mad at the 'past me' on week 9! but anyway, here are playblasts from week 9:

There were a lot of analysing and i feel i become more critical to myself, my friend's critique helped me out to see which part is working and which part is not working, and to cut out some part on the animation...It was tough and I exceed the frame limit.. awfully a lot! :(


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