Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chapter 5 - Coppelia

It's week 5! well actually it is week 6 now, but i'm writing an entry for my last week's progress! so let's pretend that we're in week 5 now, *rewind the clock~~~

I had couple of ideas in my mind for my next shot, those are ballet, gymnastic, and ice skating. I did not really narrow them down, it was just stuck in my head and i feel that i really want to do a ballet for my next shot. It surprises me that i really enjoy the dance as i browse and observe the video reference. These dancers, they have this amazing capability to balance their body. I find that very amazing. I did learn ballet when i was a kid.. and it was not a really great experience ^^'' but anyways.. the references that i found were amazing. It was a bit hard to choose which dance that would fit into 200 frames.. and that is like 8 seconds long. All of the dances are amazing and all of them go for more than 2 minutes and even longer! I then found this clip - Coppelia. I was simply very impress with the ballet dancer, she is still so little but she dances very gracefully. She simply inspires me.
I, of course couldn't take the whole clip so i decided to use the last 10 seconds part of the dance. I had to nip tuck the choreography a little bit too. I was a little bit unease when i did it, cause i did not mean to disrespect the original choreography, which by the way is really beautiful.. i did it to create a kind of contrast for my shot and i hope it works well.
This week, I also revisit the basic foundation of animation that i think I miss. My previous mentor, told us that in earlier days, he has a list of 12 animation principles near him when he did his shot. I never forget about that. In fact, I have them on my wall.. but i guess that doesn't work so well.. so, this time around i wrote them down again in a small piece of paper and stick it in between my 2 monitors. It is at the center, very spot on, and i would never miss it lol..
Below is the planning of my shot:

and the video reference:

I did something different this week. I kind of rotoscoped my video reference -o-. I hope this is not a bad thing and i feel a bit guilty about it :| I tried to modify the timing a little bit so it wont exactly look like the video reference. This time around, as i mentioned before, i revisit all the basic foundations again. My peer buddy mentioned that the poses that I did for my class 1 assignments have nice line of actions on it and he suggested to incorporate this to my shot. Everybody that i meet also mention the same stuff and this time around it really hits me.. why am i so slow, duh! >.<! i should have understood this earlier.. but at least this shows a sign that i learn something ^^..
Also, one thing that i learn about sketching, draw them big! you will be able to see them even more clearly and you could push them even more.. the bigger they are the clearer they become! :D
So folks.. here is my first pass blocking:


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