Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chapter Two - The Poses part 6

These are the poses that got a lot of votes from the beavers.. I got a little bit confused with which one i should use .. so i decided to re-sketched each poses and see which one that has the most interesting LoE.. my personal favourites are 14,16,17, and 21 ..

I decided to choose no 17 because it shows a long LoE.. and shows the entire body shape.. I also think 14 has a lot of potential.. but i dont want that big bag obstructing the view.. it could be a good challenge though :).. i previously have also tried out pose no 22 .. I like the outcome .. but i dont think i want to submit a dead body of stu for my 2nd assignment at school ^^'' ..

This is my first try out of pose 17




I received feedbacks from some of my friends about the FK arm ..oh gosh .. i found it a little bit difficult to work with FK controller .. I always work with IK controller and i find it very easy to change the shape. Uh well, i think this is because i hardly use FK controller that's why it felt so difficult. I also found out when i changed the FK arm, I also have to change the shape of the whole body..

Revision 2

More fix for the pose! i was advised to bend his torso a little bit (thanks steve) .. i think the tips work.. i obtain a more natural FK arm bend .. oh FK .. i really relly have a hard time with you! i think this is my final pose for the assignment :) i will edit the light .. it looks so gloomy now ^^

The process:

change log:
1. First attempt
2. Tweak the body and head. Bend the FK arm to give balance to the pose
3. Bend on torso area, more fix on FK arm. Change the head direction


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