Friday, July 8, 2011

Chapter Two - The Poses part 3

I sketched more poses, but this time I did it using a different approach. I chatted with Yen-Shih couple days ago and he told me that we are allowed to draw based on a still image. I think that is a really good idea and it did not come across my mind. So I decided to sketch the poses based on image stills from the television series and 2 statues at my home. I found that it was easier for me to draw the pose through this method because it allows me to analyse the body shape and the line of actions thoroughly. One benefit from this method is that I could pause the television whenever I saw a good pose happening. The flaw would be the inability to observe the whole pose due to the scene framing. The solution for this is simply to re-create the pose by yourself and ask someone to take a picture of you... and that would be.. a little bit.. awkward.. ^^

This time I also have an upgrade for my sketches. They are not so stick figure-y now! They have boxes to represent their body parts! and these boxes really help A lot .. :)
Now I am going to pick my poses .. and i might need your help to choose my final ones ..
see you shortly :)


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