Friday, July 8, 2011

Chapter Two - The Poses part 5

Posing with Stu ^^

Stu is .. murdered ...


I received a lot of feedback from the beavers ^^ .. cheri and walter told me about the natural action of the hands.. even though the person is laying on the ground.. a hand shape should not laying straight like the one i had on my pose.. there should be a slight bend on the fingers and any other hand area.. it is such a great advise because it did not come across my mind at all.. I tried to apply that on my revision pose above :)
At the moment i have difficulties to choose my final pose.. i just watched the assignment video again.. i think i will spend some time refining some of my favourite poses...

Pose 2

this pose is more difficult than the first one i did .. i am a little bit worried about this one because the meaning of the the final pose (bottom left) is sort of departed from the meaning of the original pose..



trying to fix the pose ... but it is still not quite right ...


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