Monday, August 29, 2011

Chapter 9 - The Vanilla Walk

I close week 9 with this post :) Walk cycle has been a great learning experience, really grateful that my classmate told me about the Ghost tool. It was definitely very helpful. The knee popping drive me nuts, but i really learn a lot about the importance of spacing. On the other side, posing Stu was so difficult this week. It was really hard to  make a nice pose. I am happy with my pose, i tried to tweak it just now but i could not think any more and the more i tweak the weirder it becomes. So i better leave it alone.
Below are my sketches, yes there are a lot of them! I found it so difficult to portray the emotion through my drawing. So i thought the more i draw the more variation i will get :) I get my final pose from a video reference of myself. Also, I'd really thank the mentor for telling us the tips. 

And these are my final Stu pose and my Vanilla Walk :

and last but not least, Revisions! :

That's all for week 9 and I happily welcome, Week 10!! :D


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