Saturday, August 6, 2011

Chapter 6 - Revisions

I just finished my obstacle assignment revision. I have to admit that I almost defeated by this one because it was so difficult! The important lesson that i got from this assignment is that I have to spare 50-80 or even 100 frame left to let the ball settle (my friend actually told me about this, but it didn't hit me until I started making my assignment ^^''). So it's like writing an essay, there should be introduction, main body and the ending. It was difficult but fun at the same time! :) Hopefully the revision looks better!


Revision Updates:

This is a revision for my pose. My mentor suggested to make the pose look more appealing. In order to achieve that he suggested me to push the pose more by tweaking the legs position, move them apart so that they are not sitting on the same line and by doing that, the pose will look more 3 dimensional. Below are the drawing by my mentor and my revision:


Tiny Revision for weight balls assignment :)


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