Monday, August 1, 2011

Chapter 5 - Devastation

So this is my process in achieving my devastation pose.. and I listened to some old sad Laruku songs while I was posing Stu, just to set me in the mood ^^ here i go:

This was the first attempt .. it was so hard to tackle the overlapping body parts.. (although now that i look at it again.. the pose actually didn't look that bad..-_-)

So I talked to my classmate and he gave me some suggestion to tweak the pose a little bit, I take his suggestion and put his hand on his head to provide a clear silhouette.


I feel the pose on the right is more stronger, I decided to go with that one!

More tweaking on his legs, arms, hands, and tiny tweak on the weight shift ..

The one before the final tweak:

I got more suggestions from my friends after I uploaded the pose above, which were to lower the head a little bit and to clench his fist a little bit more:

tadaa! I uploaded that one.. I actually did some last minute tweaking on the pose.. but I had a trouble with the image file. The colour that I got from Maya was changed drastically when I imported it into Photoshop. I tried to re-render, took a screen shot of it and i had no luck.. I have no idea why.. I really want to upload this newest version, but I did not manage to do it in time..this is soo ironic, i'm still Devastated i didn't upload this version hahaha .. but hey it is a lesson, I need to keep moving on, don't I? Well folks.. hope you like it :)


Lesson of The Week: "I Should Not Listen To Any Musics While Animating"
Well some people able to do that.. but I found that I was really distracted >.< so my solution was to play only 1 favourite song during my 5 minute break! and afterwards, I continue Animating! Yeaah! :D

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