Monday, March 3, 2014


It's March already? How did that happen? Ha.. Anyway.. Hope everyone is doing great?
I have been working on some projects since new year.. i feel very productive hehee! Now that all of the projects are kind of finished.. I really need to do something that will keep me busy and aliveee! .. So, let's start with writing this blog entry :D .

My friends and I finished the second part of our tiny project, Momo's Adventure, or Petualangan Momo as we call it in our mother tongue :) . We got a lot of feedback for the first part and certainly worked harder for this one. I sure hope that everyone will enjoy this one.. So, here is the video.. it is in Indonesian by the way.. we have not provided any subtitle.. sorry~ , but i hope you will enjoy it :

If you guys have any comments or critiques, please let me know! I would love to hear them and I would really appreciate it! :)

I guess this will be all for now.. and Thank you everyone for reading and watching! :)

Happy Animating and Have a Wonderful Day!


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