Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Offsetting Audio File in Maya

Hi everyone,

Last term, I had an experience where i had to offset my audio file in Maya (At that time i used Maya 2011). I had some issues such as the offset feature did not work even after i've put some values on the offset option. I thought i'd like to share couple tips about it in this post.

Firstly, we of course have to import our audio file to Maya. 
  1. So let's go to File > Import > [your audio file location].
    I believe that the audio format should be either .wav or .aiff. Please feel free to let me know if you know some other format that works in Maya :)
  2. Right now, you should see an audio waveform on your Timeline. If you can't see it, try to go to your Timeline, Right Click on it and select Sound. You should find your audio file there. See image below:

  3. Once we have our audio file imported, we can go to step no.2 again, but this time click the Option Box of your audio file. It will bring up an attribute editor of your audio file.

  4. On the attribute editor, Go to Audio Attributes > Offset. The value that you put in here represents the amount of the offseted frames. Enter any value that you want here.

  5. I put 10 on the offset. The audio waveform is now start at f 10.
The problem that may occurs now is the audio still starts at f 1 if you scrub your Timeline. In order to fix this, press Play button on the right of your Timeline. I believe this will re-build the audio cache on your Maya, sort of like refresh the audio file and this should the problem.

If this is not working:
  1. Check your audio file format and make sure it has the right format.
  2. Remove your audio file. You can do it by typing delete YourAudioName; in MEL Script command line and press Enter on your keyboard. (Source:
  3. Import back your audio file and repeat the steps.
I hope that this helps and thank you so much for your time to read my post. Feel free to send me a message on AM or leave comments here if you had any questions or need help with anything! :) 
Happy Animating, Have Fun, and Have a great week everyone! :)


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